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    Hotline: 400-996-1976

    Reasons for choosing Fenglan Wood ?
    Green development is the general trend and direction for the development of our times, and is the inevitable choice for transforming the mode of economic development and adjusting and optimizing the economic structure, and achieving scientific and sustainable development

    Brand advantages
    Fenglan is vice-chairman of wood preservation specialized committee of China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association; top-ten enterprises in China's wood preservation industry; participates in formulation of several national anti-corrosion wood industry standards and technical specifications


    Environmental standards
    Engaged in wood processing and preservative for 25 years,The first user of preservative in accordance with international environmental standards and the first enterprise that has got the quality mark certification of China Wood Protection Industry Association!


    Market development
    Have a scientific organizational structure and functional departments; have a acute market judgment and perfect marketing team.


    Brand management
    National franchisee and chain stores, wider product coverage, faster brand communication speed, better service guarantee.

    National service hotline

    Improve product quality to meet customer needs, focus on long-term development, and pursue cooperation and mutual benefits