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    Hotline: 400-996-1976

    About us

    Shenyang Fenglan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, and it is one of the earliest solid wood wallboard and antiseptic wood processing and manufacturing enterprises in China. Fenglan has introduced advanced processing equipment and technologies from Germany and Taiwan and has set up a complete industrial chain covering solid wood external/internal wallboard, floor, sauna board, wooden house wall, carbonated wood, high-quality outdoor antiseptic wood, antiseptic wooden landscape furniture, etc. With the improvement of product and service quality, Fenglan brand is highly recognized by customers. Finland preserving wood is one of the most important products of Fenglan. 
    Fenglan adheres to philosophy of "nature, ecology, environmental protection, and low carbon" and it strives to develop "Fenglan" brand into a professional manufacturer and supplier and the best partner of Chinese wooden house construction enterprises.  Compared with CCA preservatives, ACQ is free of heavy metal chromium and extremely toxic substance arsenic and has favorable antiseptic property, thus it is recognized as the most environmentally friendly anti-corrosion agent in the international market.

    In addition, Fenglan also proactively promotes industry development and participates in the formulation of a number of national standards. In 2017, "pinch plate/ antiseptic wood/carbonated wood" products were listed in CWSA  China Timber Structure Industry Alliance "Baijia excellent products" catalogue; Lanfeng is the first enterprise that has got the quality mark certification of China Wood Protection Industry Association!


    • Top-10 enterprises
    • Member of the Standing Committee
    • Famous brand enterprises
    • Vice president unit
    • Membership certificate
    • Certificate
    • Membership certificate
    • Quality Management System Certification
    • Top-100 brands in wood building materials industry

    Enterprise vision
     Become the most reliable
    brand in the industry

    Enterprise mission
      Improve people's quality of
    life through products and services

    Operation principle
    Improve product quality to meet customer needs

    Service tenet
    Win market by service
    To satisfy the clients with quality

    • 1992

      Shenyang Fenglan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. was founded
    • 1998

      Shenyang Fenglan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch was founded
    • 2003

      Shenyang Fenglan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch was founded
    • 2005

      Shenyang Fenglan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Tianjin Branch was founded
    • 2010

      Shenyang Fenglan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch was founded
    • 2016

      Fenglan "Fenglan Imperial Garden" franchisee promotion plan was started
    • 2017

      Fenglan franchised outlets are spread all around China and are hot in national investment